#Onceaweek 58 by Freats/Free Future Music

C'est le retour de l'équipe du site anglais Freats (joli pied de nez au moment du Brexit), contraction de Free et de Beats, qui s'évertue à dénicher le meilleur de la musique - tendance hip hop electro jazzy et futuriste - et à en dresser une playlist mensuelle... ça vous rappelle quelque chose? Freats entend bien et voit grand ; la playlist de mars dont sont extraits les 7 titres du mix compte 97 titres! Une ambiance de chill cool et classe qui devrait vous faire fondre comme les dernières neiges sous les coups de soleil du printemps.

In the age of instant streaming and constant content, one week on the internet is a long time. Nothing embodies that more than the tons of great, free music released every second via Soundcloud. At Freats/ Free Future Music we've made it our goal to try to capture and frame some of those exemplary sounds with our monthly highlight playlist. It showcases only the highest quality free- to-download music. Genres are constantly changing and becoming almost irrelevant, that's why Freats will pick up on music that is loosely inspired by future beats, bass, trap, electronica, hip hop and R&B. Anything goes, as long as its cutting edge and funky, soulful, dubby, groovey or simply banging. 

When offered the opportunity to lay down of favourite seven songs by our friends at Free & Legal Music, we jumped at the chance. Not only are we confident there are seven recently released examples of high quality future music, but that the last week has produced them. It just highlights the constant strength and depth of underground producers who have the confidence and vision to release their art to the masses. 

Freats is a blog that I created to showcase exciting new, trend setting music from up and coming producers which is available for free download. Blossoming from the Hip Hop 'beat' scene, the blog later curated a sense of musical style that is eclectic and genre-spanning but always with a undercurrent of soul, funk and pure head-nodding vibes. A futuristic trap instrumental can be found alongside a soulful, jazz inspired boom-bap track next to a thumping footwork bass track. All available in a high quality, downloadable format. For free. 

For a taste of the music Freats curates; here is our 7 favourite tracks from the last 7 days. Our 'Seven In Seven' mix. For October 2017's full playlist check out:

Le mix de Freats:

1) Kid Smpl - 'Belief Layers' 
2) Knapsack - 'BRAINFOREST'
3) oddCouple ft Jack Red - 'Feels Like' 
4) sober rob - 'Moonlight'  
5) JACKAL - 'Empathy'  
6) Ekali ft. Denzel Curry – 'Babylon' (josh pan & X&G Remix)  
7) BLAISE — 'Patient 99'