All Good Funk Alliance "On the One" (Sunswept Music)

VA "Jazz re:freshed Live - Prelude" (Jazz re:freshed)

Stereophonk, label groove

Luis Enrique Bacalov "Django - Guts remix" (Soundcloud)

VA "Mr Bongo sampler 2013" (Mr Bongo)

Mr. Chop "Free Sampler" (Ape Recordings)

VA "Jubilee Shmubilee - A Big Dada sampler"

Grant Lazlo "Free Downloads" (Soundcloud)

Silky Johnson "Fuck the Money" and more (Bandcamp)

Young Fathers "Deadline" (Anticon)

L'Eau Dans L'Jazz "La Ruche de Noël"

Cumbia Robotica [LCPR009]

Gensu Dean & Asia Planet "Faces on the Dollar" (Mellow Music Group)

The Allergies "The Pick Up Line" (Soundcloud)

Les sélections de Balades Sonores

Chancha Via Circuito "Semillas EP" (ZZK)

Black Chamber "s/t" (CultClassicRecords)

Frank Ocean & Outkast "Pink Matter Remix" (Soundcloud)

Dj Day "Sunday" (Souncloud)

Dominic Owen "Rakim Unreleased Music" (1995)

Bugseed x Sato Beats "Tenjin Funk"

Adjaman's EPs (Rounded Records)

Whoarei "Thoughts Blunted" & "Cause Chaos EP" (LTDA)

T Bird & The Breaks "Somebody Had a Drinking Problem Last Night" (Bandcamp)